Investigation against an agent for “sex in prison” with Zara Alina’s murderer, the victim’s family is deeply concerned

Investigation against an agent for "sex in prison" with Zara Alina's murderer, the victim's family is deeply concerned

Farah Naz, aunt of murdered law graduate Zara Alina, was “deeply saddened” to learn that her niece’s killer was allegedly caught having sexual relations with a prison officer.

Farah Naz said Belmarsh prison management had “many questions to answer”. The prison was considered one of the safest in Britain.

Zara Alina was murdered in June 2022. She was returning to her home after visiting a friend of hers in Ilford, east London.


McSweeney, from Dagenham, was attacked following a chase. He beat Zara for nine minutes. McSweeney was captured on CCTV footage that shows it all.

Jordan McSweeney pleaded guilty to murdering Zara Alina and sexually assaulting her. Zara’s killer, Jordan McSweeney, 35, is serving a minimum sentence of 33 years in prison for the crime.

The Prison Service, which runs Belmarsh, said it was aware of the alleged incident but had no further comment due to the investigation.

The Metropolitan Police said the 32-year-old accused woman was arrested in April. The investigation into her alleged wrongdoing as a government official is ongoing.

She is believed to have worked at Belmarsh prison, south-east London, but was not a prison officer.

Farah Naz said she was told about McSweeney’s relationship with a female official last year. The relationship was established only a few months after he began his prison sentence.

She told the BBC that ‘the justice system talks about life in prison for life in prison. “This incident goes against this principle.”

‘The criminal entered into a relationship with a woman four months after the sentence. This has raised many questions for us.”

‘How is it possible that a man who confessed to murder for sexual purposes, whose brutality was recognized throughout the country, was allowed to go to an untrained worker?’

McSweeney had 28 convictions for 69 offenses since 2006. These included robbery, violence against police and ethnic bias offences.

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