Muhammad Hanif’s column: injured boy, Western media and two sources

Muhammad Hanif's column: injured boy, Western media and two sources

Western media often call themselves global media and share news and opinions with the entire world. Western universities and newsrooms teach that verifying each news story before printing or broadcasting it is a fundamental principle of journalism.

Fellow journalists working for Western institutions point out that even if they are eyewitnesses to a major event, their news is not considered publishable unless it is verified by two sources.

A few years ago I wrote a story for a Western magazine about the intense heat wave in Karachi, in between I also wrote that there are no bus stops in Karachi that have roofs.

My manager went to Google Maps and found some bus stops in Karachi that had broken roofs. I was ashamed of my laziness and was convinced of the editorial quality of my editor.

The biggest news in the world this week was that South Africa brought a case against Israel for the genocide of the Palestinians at the United Nations International Court of Justice. One day South Africa had to present its case, the next day Israel had to defend itself. It couldn’t have been an easier editorial decision for the eyes of the world to be on the case before the International Court of Justice. On both days the position of both countries should have reached the people.

Other columns by Muhammad HanifAs they hear the case from South African lawyers and their colleagues
Other columns by Muhammad Hanif As they hear the case from South African lawyers and their colleagues

Almost all Western broadcasters and newspapers did not directly show the evidence presented by South Africa or the arguments of its lawyers. The next day, when Israel came out to defend itself, all broadcasts were suspended and the action was broadcast live.

No institution has given an explanation for its decision. Perhaps they believe that modern journalism and its ethics are their invention and that they can invent new standards whenever they want.

Their attitude in this matter was similar to that of Israel’s defense lawyers that they are defaming us by accusing us of genocide, further saddening our already sad hearts. But stop us from what we’re doing and show us.

Western intellectuals call countries like ours republics and our courts kangaroo courts, but I have never heard of any dictatorship of the greatest magnitude that gives the impression that a party is developing when the opponent is taking his turn. Live coverage should start immediately, which match and when your team arrives to take their turn.

Other columns by Muhammad Hanif

As they hear the case from South African lawyers and their colleagues at the International Court of Justice, the heirs of Western civilization must remember Nelson Mandela, and even regret why they let him out of prison.

After South Africa’s independence, Western leaders tried to turn Nelson Mandela into an innocent uncle, but he remained a white-haired terrorist. He is still accused of committing terrorism from his grave through South African lawyers.

Nelson Mandela’s spiritual children told us that the genocidaires of the past also hid his intentions and tried to hide them from the world.

Mandela’s terrorist lawyer told the International Court of Justice that this is the first “genocide” in history in which victims livestream their deaths, and that those who do so are not only trying to hide their intentions, but also telling them by doing so. he. They have been, giving references to sacred books and saying that there is an order to kill children.

And supposedly the first genocidal army that hawks corpses on Tik Tok. Even if Nazi Germany installed cameras in their gas chambers and broadcast live to the world, perhaps Western media would open up their editorial guidelines and sit back and wonder which side the atrocities are being committed on.

Medical personnel who bury and rescue children in Gaza hospitals have coined a new term, WCNF, “wounded child whose family was killed.”

The Western media is still looking for the two sources that can identify the child, but since we killed all the parents, uncles, aunts, younger brothers, older brothers, children who were playing in the street, where do they get the two sources?

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