Two minors who brutally killed their ‘friend’ with a sharp knife who had a ‘lust to kill’

Two minors who brutally killed their 'friend' with a sharp knife who had a 'lust to kill'

“Brianna had thousands of followers on social media but was described as a shy girl, a brutal crime for which two minors were convicted.”

These are the first words or lines that lead to a gruesome murder, after which we are going to narrate an incident that may be disturbing for some readers.

A court in Manchester, England, on Wednesday found two minors, whose identities have not been revealed due to her young age, guilty of murdering a 16-year-old transgender girl.

Brianna was stabbed 28 times with a sharp knife in a park in Warrington, Cheshire, on the night of February 11.

Before committing this crime, the criminals made a formal plan, the plan for this heinous murder was written on a paper, what, when and how to do it.

The secret of the plan was revealed to the investigators when they received this piece of paper that surprised them. Briana’s parents are shocked when the secret of her murder plot is revealed.

Regarding how Briana’s murder was planned, Ursula Doyle, deputy prosecutor in the case, said: ‘WhatsApp messages between the two young people who killed Briana, plans to kill people, murder, violence and crime. It is a very difficult and lively task to read what has emerged in the discussion and collection of information on other matters related to the world.’

The prosecutor said the plan of the 16-year-old boy and girl involved in the murder is heartbreaking and reflects the horror and heinous plot of the murder in their hearts and minds. was.’

The perpetrators, a boy and a girl, now 16, blamed each other for the murder.

Judge Yip indicated that both would be sentenced to life imprisonment. “I have to decide what the minimum time they will need is before they will be considered for release,” she said.

After the verdict, there was an uproar in the court, but the young man sitting in the dock showed no reaction.

Heinous crime committed under regular planning

Warning: Once again, it must be said that the following story may be disturbing and painful.

During the 18-day hearing, the court stated that the two culprits were intelligent, “very active” and belonged to a “normal” background.

But he also had a “murderous impulse” and Briana’s murder had been planned weeks before the incident.

According to authorities, Brianna’s death certificate was handwritten and executed after a lengthy planning process. After being arrested, he was found in the bedroom of X (the pseudonym ‘X’ is used to conceal the identity due to his young age) of the two young men.

The murderous couple had also prepared a “kill list” of five minors before attacking Briana.

Briana, who had thousands of followers on TikTok but was described as a low-key and shy young woman who suffered from depression and anxiety, was lured to a park by X and then for a quickie. He was killed by multiple stab wounds.

Briana suffered deep wounds to her head, neck, chest and back from X’s stab wounds, after which she died.

The brutal killers even planned to hide Briana’s body in the park, but things didn’t go according to their plan because they were discovered by two people walking their dogs. At that moment they managed to escape from the place.

Upon arriving at their respective homes, the two young people decided to leave the whole matter behind and move on. The girl involved in the project, ‘Y’ (using the pseudonym ‘Y’ to hide her identity due to her age) later shared a photo of Brianna online and paid tribute to her.

The two young men admitted in court that they had an atrocious “plot” to do all this, but they had no special preparation to make it happen.

‘Y’ commented that she should continue following ‘X’ but she usually didn’t take it seriously that everything would turn out well.

They both also claimed that they never expected the other to do this, giving explanations to blame each other and blaming each other throughout the entire process.

sharp knife

I will never forget her innocent face.

Brianna’s mother, Esther, stated that she had “lost all sympathy” for the convicted young man and had not shown “the slightest bit of remorse.”

He said: ‘Knowing how scared my innocent and fearless daughter must have been when she was alone in the park and the murderer was in front of her, who she called her friend. What was said and how the prayer will be done, all these things will continue to bother me forever.’

Her father, Peter Spooner, said: “He is proud of her daughter and will never stop loving her, even if she is no longer in this world, she will always be alive in my days.”

He was overwhelmed when talking about his daughter. “I’ll never forget that innocent face she used to make me laugh,” he said.

“Laughs, that innocent dance of yours will always be etched in my heart and mind.”

In an interview with the BBC before the verdict, Briana’s mother said she would never forget her daughter’s unwavering bravery and strength.

“She wasn’t afraid to be who she wanted to be,” she added.

“She wanted to be recognized as a woman and she wanted to wear a girls’ school uniform, she just did it and there was nothing stopping her from doing it,” she said in a low, full voice. ‘

“Immense self-confidence and arrogance drowned them”

After leaving the hearing, prosecutor Doyle said that ‘X’ and ‘Y’ continued to try to intimidate each other, but it was their behavior that pushed them to commit this crime.

Detective Constable Mike Evans, of Cheshire Police, said it was clear from the start that both X and Y were confident that they would do everything in such a planned way that no one would find out or find out. Only one would have any kind of doubt about them.

He further said that ‘I know those people. They said they would have an image that they created themselves, but in reality they are very smart children who planned such a dangerous plan at such a young age to commit such a big crime.

He said that “but contrary to all this, immense self-confidence and arrogance drowned him and he is now in the clutches of the law.”

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